NYE Party Mixes 2012

We asked a few of our DJ’s to put together a mix for us for your NYE shenanigans, and here they are. First up,  Ade gives us a sprawling, epic, mashup laden, multi-layered technicolour assault on the D-Floor. It’s the sort of mix that you’ll be into, and your girl/boy-friend’s workmates won’t make you turn off after 2 minutes.

NYE mix 2012 : Ade – The Technicolour Climax by Seeks Music on Mixcloud

Arge & The Brain are also threatening the dance floor with this tight mix of their own peculiar brand of good time electronica. It’s a choice selection from the last year, all mashed up and ready to serve at a party of your choosing.
Just add booze.

NYE mix 2012 : Arge and The Brain – the best of 2011 party mix by Seeks Music on Mixcloud

This next mix is a pretty serious document of the great and the good in roots-rock-reggae. KB brings us an exhaustive mix as he delves into his archives to uncover a heavyweight  mix. It’s a journey of over 2 hours (and 88 tracks) of classics, dubs and version excursions.

NYE mix 2012 : KB – Planetaria by Seeks Music on Mixcloud

Low End Theory offers up some bassness for room two of your house party. Serious Dubstep selections for the one night of the year you’re not gonna catch too much heat for flexing your sound system.

NYE mix 2012 : Low End Theory – Sub Workout by Seeks Music on Mixcloud

And Finally, this just in … “So here’s a Rock flavoured eclectic mix for all those who feel that dance music has become the knee-jerk reaction to all things celebratory. Don’t get me wrong I love a good mix but I’m often with those people at house parties dying to hear the Stones or Queens of the Stoneage and kick the shit out of the kitchen! So if you’re more Jack White than Barry White this mix is for you. We’ve got some Krautrock, soundtracky stuff, out & out Metal, even some beat matching & an exclusive Antiswarm mash up of Peaches and AC/DC to sweeten the deal. Enjoy.”

Electric Band

I love wild flag. Great band. Great song. Great video. You can’t go wrong with a bear.

Menomena – TAOS This track is like some kind of opera from a parallel universe and the video is stoopid. Which is good. 

ABBE MAY – DESIGN DESIRE hard rocking psychedelic good time blues.

Another new show posted. we are on FYRE.

Prepare yourselves for THE ANTISWARM

Psychedelic House, Progressive Space Rock, and Gothic Rockabilly all collide in a show that might be prescribed a little lie down in a darkened room should it ever stumble, drunk and sweary into the lobby of some kind of Head Doctor’s surgery.


We’re not quite so nurturing here however. We’ll settle instead for bribing it to flaunt it’s dysfunctional wares in our shop window.

Hmm, that was one of the weirdest intros for a show yet. Maybe I’m the one that needs the lie down.