It’s a Cinematronica Christmas

Arge is back with a full on festive feast of a Cinematronica show. Featuring the tunes of Christmas past, present and future. (If that’s even possible).

We launch into a lively part one with Goldfrapp, Saint Etienne, Sufjan Stevens, Summer Camp and Eels.

Then in part two things take on a magical feel as Danny Elfman, John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Cat Power, Vince Guaraldi Trio, Low and Kate Bush all help to provide a score to Dylan Thomas’s “A Child’s Christmas in Wales”.

Then the final part of this epic festive selection has a more classic Christmas feel with Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, Phil Spector and of course, Bing Crosby.

If you’re not stuffed full of Christmas cheer after this lot then call me Ebenezer (Scrooge that is, not Goode).

Al and Al February 2012

This months show…what to say about this months show?

It´s probably the best ever. It does start quite badly though, to be fair, but once you’re over that hump you get to look forward to the likes of GOTYE, Kavinsky, a bit of chat and the usual gross audible frothing that Al 2 does when he gets excited.

Also, Al 1 gets to bring some tunes this time, so the overall standard of music is much better.

Look, if you´re reading this trying to make your mind up about listening – just listen. Go on. Please. If only for a few minutes, then it technically counts as a whole listen. Thanks. Has anyone mentioned how great you smell today. Because you really do smell great.

Please listen, or they shoot Al 2.


Al 1