Kelpe : Cold Water Sign Language – A Kelpe Megamix By Buddy Peace

I’d heard rumours this was on the cards, but nothing quite prepared me for it’s sheer majesty. Electronic beat mangler, Kelpe is giving away a quite extraordinary retrospective mixtape. It’s blended, reconfigured, and otherwise twisted-into-different-shapes by the masterful Buddy Peace. Read more…

Regurgitation of Press Release: 100 Club Emerging Artists Media Alert

We were nearly gutted when The 100 Club nearly closed, so when Converse “stepped” in ( HaH AHa AHa ) we were delighted. Now they are putting the venue to good use with some free gigs, the next of which is on 28th Sept.

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Label Love

As the riots took a hold of London, one of the buildings destroyed was the PIAS music
distribution warehouse in Enfield. The stock of many of the UK’s independent record labels was destroyed, leaving smaller labels in dire financial straits.

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Seeks Music Launch Party

Well, we think we’re just about ready enough to take ourselves out of beta, and call ourselves cooked.
This is a cause for celebration so we’re delighted to say that we’re going to have ourselves a little knees up.
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New Playlist : Seeks Music Autumnal

Our Spotify ambassador is this big shot director dude who is always making playlists for his projects, so we’re delighted that he is keeping his hand in by making them for us too. Here!