New Artist: SiSSi

SiSSi is the recording name of  Sissi Neumayr a London based Austrian born singer songwriter formerly of Ladyfuzz. Whenever (Love Song) is her debut release proper and showcases her quite lovely voice with a promo directed by Annick Wolfers.

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New Artist: Willis Earl Beal

I mentioned this hand drawn promo and played this track on my March Seeks Show.

Illustrated and directed by Willis Earl Beal.

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New Artist: Oliver Girdler

Photograph – Ryan Hubbs

Last Sunday I ventured to the Old Queens Head in Angel to hear Oliver Girdler play.

It was a tight set of acoustic melancholy that drew immediate comparisons to Elliot Smith with Olivers distinctive vocal style.

It culminated in ‘Fall Into Faith’ which I played on my January ‘Ones to Watch’ show and also featured in a particularly emotional scene in series 5 of Skins.

Oliver Girlder’s bandcamp