The lyric video is dead!

Long live the lyric video.
Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada this vfx heavy video uses a visual representation of each line without a single lyric on screen. Like if Gondry used After Effects instead of theatre techniques.
The song by Sub Pop‘s hip hop trio clipping is also ace. They described themselves as making party music for the club you wish you hadn’t gone to!

Jack White – Sixteen Saltines

Watch Jack White as he gets kidnapped and terrorised by children in the new video for Sixteen Saltines:


New Artist: SIREN

This is debut song from 21 year old Stefan Evan Niedermeyer aka SIREN called Buckets Of Blood.

Stefan is a half-German, half-Australian musician raised in Singapore and now residing in London. A talented skateboarder as showcased in his debut promo he has plenty of completed tracks up his sleeves that should see him emerge as breakthrough act in 2012.

This is rather catchy and has a nice little video that accompanies it!

TWITTER: @MusicSiren

Chemical Brothers – Don’t Think

The Chemical Brothers live experience is quite unlike any other, and if you haven’t seen them before, you’re in for an audio/visual mind-bomb in the shape of this full length feature film; Don’t Think. It’s directed by the guy that’s been doing their visuals for years, Adam Smith, and it’s getting a cinema release, which would suggest a 5.1 soundtrack that’d allow you to experience some of the spectacle of one of the worlds most exciting live electronic acts.

Gotye Somebody that I used to know

As this hasn’t popped up on our blog from anyone else yet I am going to tentatively put this up in the hope that the music blogging world doesn’t shun me with all 14 million of this video’s viewers. Let’s hope they’re mostly from down under where this lovely dude is from. Cool video and potentially guilty pleasure of a song though hard to say that when I am playing it on loop. Whether this is new to you or not, enjoy!