Heavy Metal Parking Lot. Firstly, apologies for this crappy embedded teaser, (you have to wait for the ad to disappear)  It’s well worth clicking through to the full 17 minute version however.  I have no idea, how widely known this short music documentary film is, but it’s new to me. Heavy Metal Parking Lot perfectly captures the atmosphere of excitement and anticipation of the build up to a rock concert by a band at the top of their game. It’s a great cultural time capsule, and a fascinating insight, that never has to leave the parking lot to make it’s point – In many music documentaries, weirdly it’s not necessarily the music that leaves a lasting impression. Woodstock and Gimme Shelter for example, both have some great performances, but it’s the compelling stories throughout that allow us access to a different world. This short takes the next logical step. Judas Priest all but hit the cutting room floor, and this film is none the worse for it. The drama is outside. I also love that these people (assuming they survived the drunk drive home) are parents now, although by the look of it, chances are a few of them were parents then. Maybe they’re grandparents now. Whatever, I hope they’re buying tickets for their kids to go to shows. If you’re down with Judas Priest you might want to check out the Fuzzbox Phil show on Seeks Music.