Desert Fest 2012

Modern Metal owes huge debt to the desert scene. Without it there’s no Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Nebula or of course Queens of the Stone Age. And now thanks to the boys at Desert Fest, Camden got to experience it’s very own Desert inspired Stoner Rock festival and wisely got it to coincide with Jesus getting us some days off to deal with our hangovers. Read more…

Turbowolf – Let’s Die

Coming on like a metal Baba O’Riley this is the preposterously good ‘Let’s Die’ by Turbowolf. Since Frank left Gallows this Bristol band have become undoubtedly Britain’s most exciting new metal act  and they’re touring their eponymous debut album right now! The Antiswarm will be down the front this Thursday the 23rd when they play Camden’s Barfly tearing it a new one.

Fuzzbox Phil January 2012

A show best enjoyed while driving a brown Austin Allegro Vanden Plas, or at home through a silver and teak `Music Centre’ sipping a room temperature Mateus Rose.
Take in the full aroma of a stale hamlet cigar, pine tree air freshener and last nights take away curry.
Relax to a heavy weight Battle of the Bass Riffs `Kiss v’s Curtis Mayfield’. Unwind by contemplating the power of higher life forces with Venom and the Bad Seeds.
Listen to Hawkind’s Robert Calvert and stare into the fish bowl you are looking after for the next door neighbours and try to summon a psychedelic experience.