Music Musica Best of 2011

Artur Dyjecinski presents the Music Musica review of 2011, with some of the years most exciting discoveries.

The Land of Lextrical December 2011

Some singing humans, some singing vegetables, robots, dinosaurs, acoustic guitars. Don’t get wonky, but if you do this will either help or make it worse.
Warning: No festive content – but it is a feast of musics.

Nick Armstrong Christmas 2011

‘Twas 3 weeks before Christmas and Seeks’ Saint Nick delivers an alternative festive special. A contemporary Christmas playlist soundtracked by Slow Club, Idiot Glee and Emmy The Great & Tim Wheeler. Folky festivities from Darren Hayman, Caitlen Rose from For Folks Sake Its Christmas A look at a darker December with Gruff Rhys, Royal Bangs and Casiotone For The Painfully Alone.

Have yourself a bitter little Christmas and a twisted New Year yeah?

Rich Martin Manifesto November 2011

As you’ll hear, Werner Herzog once said something about us being “but cows in a field” if we don’t use our noodle.
That quote in all it’s glory is reason enough to give this show a lil lughole time, but should that fail to entice you there is also new music from Speech Debelle, Bill Ryder Jones, American Radio, and Casiokids. Moooooo.

JimDoes November 2011

The dark nights are drawing in and Jim plays the newest, pre-designated “top 40 hits”. There’s also a story about a trip to the woods that goes wrong and a story about a ship’s piano. The words ‘poetry’ and ‘madchester’ rear their ugly heads – much like an indie hydra. But however you look at it Jim delivers the equivalent of a toasty log fire – something to keep you warm now it’s getting colder.