Third Light Home, July 2012 Show Notes

I’ve seen Will Oldham live a handful of times over the
years. The first was back in the mid-nineties when the Sausage Machine ran a
great club night at a pub in Mornington Crescent, and the Palace Brothers
played a kind of double-header with Bill Callagahan’s Smog. I was there for the
latter, but left eager to check out the albums of the dude in the straw hat.
There was something about his cracked voice; and the warm organ, hushed tones
and waft of Leonard Cohen on the Hope ep won me over for ever. Read more…

Third Light Home – April 2012

Older listeners may remember the sitcom ‘The Partridge Family’, and the episode called Soul Club, where the eponymous mid-American singing family troupe are misdirected to inner-city Detroit after a mix-up with a booking agent (The Temptations, scheduled to play in Motor City, have gone the other way, to a venue in Tucson, Arizona . . .).   Without wishing to go into the whole episode, David Cassidy (aka Keith Partridge) ends up penning an ‘afro-styled’ pop tune, and young Danny Partridge, having talked a local chapter of the ‘Afro-American Cultural Society’ (ie the Black Panthers) into becoming the band’s horn section, is awarded with honorary membership of the Society. He threatens to open up a chapter ‘back home’ Read more…

Third Light Home, February 2012

This month’s book, Robert Forster’s The Ten Rules of Rock ‘n’ Roll, is a collection of Forster’s music writing. Why I like this book so much: the writing is beautifully clear; formed in measured, uncomplicated sentences. But it’s also all in the tone. Forster is simultaneously a music industry insider (as one half of The Go-Betweens he’s pretty much been everywhere, seen and done everything between the mid-eighties and now), but he manages to bring a totally fresh, almost fan-like purity (with none of that excess or lack of composure) to his writing. Read more…

Music Musica Best of 2011

Artur Dyjecinski presents the Music Musica review of 2011, with some of the years most exciting discoveries.

Nick Armstrong Christmas 2011

‘Twas 3 weeks before Christmas and Seeks’ Saint Nick delivers an alternative festive special. A contemporary Christmas playlist soundtracked by Slow Club, Idiot Glee and Emmy The Great & Tim Wheeler. Folky festivities from Darren Hayman, Caitlen Rose from For Folks Sake Its Christmas A look at a darker December with Gruff Rhys, Royal Bangs and Casiotone For The Painfully Alone.

Have yourself a bitter little Christmas and a twisted New Year yeah?