The lyric video is dead!

Long live the lyric video.
Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada this vfx heavy video uses a visual representation of each line without a single lyric on screen. Like if Gondry used After Effects instead of theatre techniques.
The song by Sub Pop‘s hip hop trio clipping is also ace. They described themselves as making party music for the club you wish you hadn’t gone to!

Good Dangers – Dress You Live

Would you lend these cheeky scamps the keys to your church ?
Well I s’pose eternal damnation and what-not is a pretty power deterrent, and besides they’ve got wholesome endeavors in mind.
Good Danger’s first gig was our launch party, so it’s gratifying to see them blooming. They’ve recently been picked up by Clash Magazine for a compilation album.
Anyway, this is great. They some how managed to get themselves a church and shoot this vid, not only that, but hey’ve also managed to make the most of the sound of the church itself  which adds another dimension.

Director – Miles Langley

Here’s our interview with them from back in the day.

DDark – Banging, Topman CTRL

I dunno what’s going on over at Topman CTRL, but they’ve been delivering crazily good sessions all over the place, and this one is no exception. DDark is having big things said about him right now,  and his sound fits the vibe of this lock up session perfectly.

Kelpe Cam

Here’s a bit of fun: Electronic artist Kelpe has given us an insight into his live show, by strapping a Go Pro to his bonce and giving a couple of his tunes a run through in the rehearsal room.
Maybe next we’ll get to see a live show from the Kelpe POV.

WOODS new Album and tour

WOODS, lo-fi heroes and owners of Woodsist record label and festival have announced a new album for release this September 18th called ‘Bend Beyond’. This is extra exciting because one of the tour dates they have announced is at End of the Road Festival (Aug 31st to Sept 2nd in North Dorset).
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