Long time Seeks contributor A. Dyjecinski comes out of the wilderness.

Artur disappeared off our radar for a while there. Turns out, he almost disappeared off the map. For a new solo project he went on a quest for solitude.
“I went on a journey to see how remote I could live, how much solitude I could find.”

He wasn’t entirely successful, after all, you’re never alone with your mind.  “I soon began to realise… that even when physically alone, my thoughts were always in company. Despite physical solitude, the weight of everyone I have ever known still stands with me. ”

The Album “I’m The Woods” is released on Fandango.

Catch the launch gig tomorrow, JULY 30TH LONDON DALSTON Servant Jazz Quarters .

1000 Names join DRUT Recordings.

They might have been knocking about for a while, but Bulgaria’s 1000 Names have found a new home for their latest release at DRUT. This early teaser promises a lovely lump of home-made house.

Ade Seeks drops some festival friendly mixes.

Seeks Music’s very own Ade has had a busy summer. First off celebrating a not-insignificant birthday by putting on a a micro festival in a run down country house for some pals, and most recently by bringing a touch of class to a field in Chelmsford.
He kicked off the day with his infamous gong bath. A sonic, antidote to the night before.

We present it here, in two parts.

The Gong Bath 2013 part 1 by Ade_Seeks on Mixcloud

The Gong Bath 2013 part 2 by Ade_Seeks on Mixcloud

And here’s the festival closing definitive good time party mix, to end all good time party mixes in all it’s 3 hours and 17 minutes.

V festival Louder Lounge Closing party – The final Technicolour climax by Ade_Seeks on Mixcloud

BD Harrington – Regarding the Shortness of Your Breath. New Album

This week sees the release of Seeks Music Contributor, BD Harrington’s second album : Regarding The Shortness of Your Breath.

The accompanying notes sum it up perfectly:

The album is is an unflinching exploration of impending loss, It is an album that confronts the creeping sense of the inevitable, a prelude to the real harsh business of grieving. Death, dissolution, suffering, acceptance, and grace– these themes are sifted through in minute detail and with considerable maturity, inducing a shiver of strangeness. Intimate and poetic with exquisitely crafted lyrics, which makes sense coming from a man who earned his degree in Creative Writing. Every song was intentionally written in the darkest hours, inspired by one of his heroes, Ingmar Bergman, who called this time ‘the Hour of the Wolf’, the hour between midnight and dawn. “It is the hour when most people die. It is the hour when the sleepless are haunted by their deepest fear, when ghosts and demons are most powerful.” 
The launch is accompanied with a charming music video for final track; Where It Counts.

Listen to the album here.

LeeFest : Crowd funded Music Festival


This is brilliant. LeeFest is a small, non-profit, award winning music and arts festival that has turned to kickstarter for funding.
They’ve been going for a few years, and have reached a point where they really need to take things next level. Their current 2500 capacity, doesn’t allow for much financial stability, so they are attempting to raise £50000 to allow them to grow the festival in size to a capacity of 5000.
It would be so easy for them to sell out by getting some big brand or other on board, but this is a completely unique and exciting alternative, and we salute them.

They are currently 6 days and £10000 away from the deadline.
Watch the video to find out how you can get involved.