Kins at The Great Escape

We really liked the sound of Kins down in Brighton. There’s something other-worldly about them, and there’s a good reason for that as you’ll hear in this interview with Thomas Savage.

Listen to their EP here :

IYES at The Great Escape

We caught up with Josh and Melis from unflappable Brighton band IYES at The Great Escape.  Their show was a hastily improvised set following some technical issues, so we talked about that, , the writing process, and whether pop is a dirty word.

Jim Antiswarm Griffin Launches new Podcast

The BBC’s Danny Leigh has teamed up with Jim Griffin from Seek’s Antiswarm show to put out an irreverent Podcast about movies and everything else under the sun. This first show is brought to you in association with Bacon Busters magazine & drug freak-out sequences. Enjoy!

Well, this is a bummer.

Today would have been the 43rd birthday of songwriter Elliott Smith. I celebrate it every year, and every year it makes me sad. So I’m passing my bummer on to you… If you follow the link on his name, kill rock stars are doing special releases of his material today for his would-be birthday including a reissue of either/or and a digital release of Elliott Smith: the early years. Happy Birthday Elliott. Also, killing yourself makes you a real jerk

Here is a weird interview with him.

Toddla T Returns

A couple of Toddla T related tings have dropped in the last couple of days, so we thought we’d put them in one place for the lazy googlers amongst you.
First this interview with Raf Rundell of the 2 Bears from the ever reliable people at Topman CTRL.

and this, the video for new single Body Dub, hosted by the good folk at Noisey.
It’s a track from the forthcoming album Watch Me Dance: Agitated by Ross Orton & Pipes, set for release in August 2012. ” It sees two legends of the Sheffield underground music scene, rework Toddla T’s Watch Me Dance album from last year.
A true Steel City re-work of the original, it goes much further and has way more coherence than a series of unrelated remixes. ” is what they’re sayin’.

Directed by Georgina Hudson