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Fuzzbox Phil, October 2013

Fuzzbox Phil, Contents : – Tales of Kate Mosses underwear. – Can vegetarians rock? – Stonehenge v’s The Pyramids. – Old School Music journos at the bookies. – What goth is the most goth. – Who has the lost tapes of a FuzzBox Phil Super Group? – Slayer May also contain nuts.

Fuzzbox Phil – Tunbridge Wells Forum Special, January 2013

Some while ago Fuzzbox Phil spent time earning is promoter stripes at a venue called `The Forum‘ in Tunbridge Wells Kent. Recently named `NME’s venue of the year‘ , with articles in The Observer and one of its prodigies riding high in the album charts with the band `Everything Everything’ The Forum celebrates 20 years of putting on gigs. By way of celebration Fuzzbox Phil highlight some of the great and the good musicians from the town.

Warning: This show contains the strongest possible language and references to bestiality from the very start.

There are lots of great archive images from the forum here.