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Jim Does, March 2014

JimDoes has been IWOL (indie without leave) for the past couple of months but he’s back with a magnifique new show. It features French bands (THE LIMINANAS) and bands that sound like they should be French (PETIT NOIR) as well as the usual all over the place mix of styles. Featuring the likes of WILD BEASTS, EAST INDIA YOUTH, SATELLITES and PARQUET COURTS, Jim’s been saving them all up for a rainy day – and we’ve had plenty of those.

JimDoes November 2011

The dark nights are drawing in and Jim plays the newest, pre-designated “top 40 hits”. There’s also a story about a trip to the woods that goes wrong and a story about a ship’s piano. The words ‘poetry’ and ‘madchester’ rear their ugly heads – much like an indie hydra. But however you look at it Jim delivers the equivalent of a toasty log fire – something to keep you warm now it’s getting colder.

Electric Band

I love wild flag. Great band. Great song. Great video. You can’t go wrong with a bear.



What’s up with these bands? There’s a pattern here. See how clever they are? Punsters the lot of them. Throwaway gags – hipster humour. I just haven’t got time for them. To me they are the musical equivalent of this:

or some sort of post-ironic hipster thing like this:


This video is great. As one of the comments says ‘This is the John Hughes of alt rock videos’.