Third Light Home Sleeve Notes, October 2019

There’s an old Low track with lyrics along the lines of ‘If I’m late, I’ll be later than expected.’ I didn’t really think it would take me going on for three years and a few sleepless nights to write a book about independent record labels — but it has. It’s done — bar the, er, edit. It should be out in the spring (Listening to the Wind, published by Omnibus). But for now, here’s the long-delayed soundtrack to part 2 of my roadtrip talking to cool, interesting, vital, soulful and virtuous independent labels — not overly virtuous, just decent, as in: not cowboys. I say ‘roadtrip’ — and I did get to America, Germany and Africa — but this leg focuses on labels on my doorstep here, or hereabouts, in London. The music of Pressure Sounds, Touch, Zube, Injazero, Heavenly, Rivertones, Arc Light Editions, Clay Pipe and Second Language is all touched upon in nowhere enough depth (Japan Blues are held over for a future ‘world’ show). Here’s a video of the UK I’m channelling:

This one too:

Not forgetting

and plenty of this kind of thing

one more because it’s great:

this one, finally

the UK music scene: it’s not just the Beatles and the Stones, Blur or Oasis.

Corrections to the show: I forgot to mention that the very first record is ‘Cell Block 11’ by Aston ‘Family Man’ Barrett & Dizzy (7-inch on Dub Store). In the lengthy ‘suite of English pastoralism and vintage electronics’ there’s also a snippet of a 1967 recording, Volume 8 of the Sound Effect Record 7-inch series on EMI, Seaside, ‘Beach Montage, Children’s Voices, Band Playing’. Joe Gibbs is, of course, Joe Higgs (‘Don’t Mind Me’); and David Sheppard is Snow Palms. And the two tunes dedicated to Thurston and Edie are ‘Revolutionary Dream’ by Pablo Moses and ‘Rock Version’ from Rocking Time in Dub, 1970s Versions and Dubs from Bill Hutchinson, King Tubby and Friends, a fine lp on Brooklyn’s Digikiller records, recently picked up from Honest Jon’s.

Thanks for listening/reading, and especially thanks to anyone picking up this show again after a two-year gap.