Third Light Home new December show

Another year rolls by, and, late at night, sitting at home watching our erratically flashing Christmas-tree lights, I’m thinking: once again I’ve failed to get in everything I wanted to. As I’m sure I’ve noted before, the problem with not finding time to do a broadcast every month means the back-log of records to be played is so vast that the gaps between the shows can get longer just thinking about what to play; what to drop. So this month, in attempt to get as much in as possible, there is no featured book, just plenty of new stuff and plenty of new old stuff, and probably, at 14 minutes, the longest track I’ve ever featured — so please make a cup of tea and zone out to Laurie Spiegel, and think of New York in 1976, and the sun rising over the East River . . .

Traditionally at this time of year, I’m one of those lunatics who tries to impose some kind of meaning on their life by spreading out a 100 or so lps and cds over the front-room carpet in an attempt to produce my records of the year list. The kids roll their eyes, but I suppose it’s some kind of diary, and despite every year promising not to go there, I’m sure the fruits of my labour will be posted up here soon for anyone really struggling with 10 minutes to fill on a gloomy winter afternoon . . . In the mean time here’s another track from the great new Hannah Lou and Trevor Moss lp

Season’s greetings and all that x

Listen to the show here