Desert Fest 2012

Modern Metal owes huge debt to the desert scene. Without it there’s no Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Nebula or of course Queens of the Stone Age. And now thanks to the boys at Desert Fest, Camden got to experience it’s very own Desert inspired Stoner Rock festival and wisely got it to coincide with Jesus getting us some days off to deal with our hangovers. The Antiswarm was present on day 2 and was particularly blown away by Valient Thorr, Diesel Kings and headliners Orange Goblin. The Valient boys flew in from Athens with only 3 hours sleep and pummeled their way through a career highlighting 40 minute set that saw the pit take on evil dimensions by the end. Local boys Orange Goblin played to a hero’s welcome and wisely choose that night as the opening of their European tour. This years ticket sold out like hot cakes and with 3 days worth of metal in 3 venues for only £70 it’s worth every penny. We met people who’d flown in from all over the globe to catch these acts and the bands themselves seemed to know that even a short set alongside the high standard of other bands there was worth the sacrifice for the exposure. This could be the Camden Crawl for metal and that is a great prospect. Roll on next year!