New Music Shows for 2012

There are a bewildering array of new music lists going around right now. T’was ever thus, but at Seeks we believe in show rather than tell, so we’ve got four programmes for you featuring the best of the new.

First up, Rich Martin takes a look at the long awaited return of DJ Food with the psyche-breaks-pifler fest that is The Search Engine. There’s a first listen to new Twin Lakes Records Signing Dwight Smith, He jumps on the Milagres bandwagon, and joins Nick Armstrong in rating Alabama Shakes.

Kate Dunn confesses her Maccabees addiction, and predicts big things for Pandr Eyez, Bowerbirds, No Ceremony /// and Michael Kiwanaku, alright she’s in good company with that last one, but Kate knows how to pick ’em.

Nick Armstrong prides himself of updating his new bands picks on a monthly basis, so January is business as usual for him. The show features Buzz band extraordinaire Grimes, we hear from High Highs. There is extraordinary new music from Friends, & Citizens!  and exciting new electronica from Wintercoats, and Oliver Tank.

Nick’s preview show from 2011 proves that he is not without form in this game.

Finally, This month’s Guest Lister Shell Zenner examines some of the trends we can expect to see in 2012. Showcasing Bombay Bicycle Club vocalist Lucy Rose , The ubiquitous Lana Del Rey who shall surely have to sink or swim in 2012 while Factory Floor  represents the dancefloor, and Howler go all kinds of old school.