Race Horses

I was in Wales last week and saw Race Horses at Gwyl Chwilog festival. It was an unusual do, a big tent set up in the grounds of a country pub with the main attraction appearing to be the bar with Race Horses brilliant set being mostly ignored by the audience, as was the band on before them, Yr Ods, who also put on a great performance despite the complete lack of interest. The event started to make a bit more sense when Bryn Fon, the headliner, took to the stage. I knew nothing of him before, but he is somewhat of a local folk hero who once had a brush with MI5. The crowd were incredibly enthusiastic about his performance. It would appear that his main bone of contention with the authorities these days may be that Wales doesn’t qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest, as all the tunes that I heard were well honed pieces of Welsh language europop.

Race Horses eclectic debut album, Goodbye Falkenberg, is great and grabbing a copy would be a very good idea indeed. There’s a new one coming very soon too.