100 Club New Music Night w/ Bos Angeles, Tashaki Miyaki & Gross Magic

Some people can’t stop doing good things. Earlier this year, Converse saved our beloved 100 Club, but that wasn’t enough for them. Oh no. They’ve been putting on some new music showcases, and Wednesday night was a doozie. Bos Angeles, Tashaki Miyaki and Gross Magic all played.

We talked to Bos Angeles about how they got together, how they write, and the pressure of playing in such a legendary venue.

Bos Angeles Interview by Seeks Music

Tashaki Miyaki did nothing to detract from their cloak of mystery. It is a very lovely cloak though, and their live show just adds to the intrigue.

Gross Magic headlined. The live show is a lot more muscular and guitar driven than the record would suggest but the melodies are all present and correct and the hooks are, well, off the hook. We grabbed an interview with Sam McGarrigle, where he talked about the anxiety he felt leaving his teens and lots of geeky stuff about how he writes. He could have just said, “Well, I write an amazing tune, and then I record it, and then I make sure it sounds amazing. You old git.” But he didn’t, he’s a one of those nice twenty year olds.

Gross Magic Interview by Seeks Music