It’s a Cinematronica Christmas

Arge is back with a full on festive feast of a Cinematronica show. Featuring the tunes of Christmas past, present and future. (If that’s even possible).

We launch into a lively part one with Goldfrapp, Saint Etienne, Sufjan Stevens, Summer Camp and Eels.

Then in part two things take on a magical feel as Danny Elfman, John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Cat Power, Vince Guaraldi Trio, Low and Kate Bush all help to provide a score to Dylan Thomas’s “A Child’s Christmas in Wales”.

Then the final part of this epic festive selection has a more classic Christmas feel with Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, Phil Spector and of course, Bing Crosby.

If you’re not stuffed full of Christmas cheer after this lot then call me Ebenezer (Scrooge that is, not Goode).

The Antiswarm, August 2014

Since we last spoke the Antiswarm has been exploring artificial reefs in the South of France, DJed on the most exclusive roof terrace in London and had 10 facts about camels read out to him by the bloke that invented QI. Just an average 4 months then. Also banging tunes and remember to smell the Psychosphere!

The Antiswarm – Peter Hince Interview

Peter Hince was the roadie of Queen. He once de-rigged a show and had the 45foot trailer packed in 45 minutes. This makes him a pretty good roadie. He’s just written an enthralling book, Queen Unseen, which is as much about truck packing technique as it is about the unbridled hedonism of touring with the biggest band in the world when they were at the hight of their powers. In this special show, Peter Hince talks to Jim Griffin about the book, and his memories of that time. You can download the interview, to listen later from here.

Fuzzbox Phil January 2012

A show best enjoyed while driving a brown Austin Allegro Vanden Plas, or at home through a silver and teak `Music Centre’ sipping a room temperature Mateus Rose.
Take in the full aroma of a stale hamlet cigar, pine tree air freshener and last nights take away curry.
Relax to a heavy weight Battle of the Bass Riffs `Kiss v’s Curtis Mayfield’. Unwind by contemplating the power of higher life forces with Venom and the Bad Seeds.
Listen to Hawkind’s Robert Calvert and stare into the fish bowl you are looking after for the next door neighbours and try to summon a psychedelic experience.

NYE mix 2012 : The Antiswarm’s Dancefloor Rock

So here’s a Rock flavoured eclectic mix for all those who feel that dance music has become the knee-jerk reaction to all things celebratory. Don’t get me wrong I love a good mix but I’m often with those people at house parties dying to hear the Stones or Queens of the Stoneage and kick the shit out of the kitchen! So if you’re more Jack White than Barry White this mix is for you. We’ve got some Krautrock, soundtracky stuff, out & out Metal, even some beat matching & an exclusive Antiswarm mash up of Peaches and AC/DC to sweeten the deal. Enjoy.