Third Light Home November 2011 : I Listen to the Wind – Sleeve Notes.

This Month’s Third Light Home finds Ian Preece all misty eyed whilst thumbing through his featured book of antique music-related photographs.

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Another new show posted. we are on FYRE.

Prepare yourselves for THE ANTISWARM

Psychedelic House, Progressive Space Rock, and Gothic Rockabilly all collide in a show that might be prescribed a little lie down in a darkened room should it ever stumble, drunk and sweary into the lobby of some kind of Head Doctor’s surgery.


We’re not quite so nurturing here however. We’ll settle instead for bribing it to flaunt it’s dysfunctional wares in our shop window.

Hmm, that was one of the weirdest intros for a show yet. Maybe I’m the one that needs the lie down.


We’ve just posted a new show to the site: Third Light Home with more eclectic goodness from Ian Preece featuring dubstep, actual dub without the step, indie, americana and plenty more besides.

This Frontier Needs Heroes are the subject of our first live session on Seeks Music. Guesting, as they are want to do on Music Musica, our good time Americana show.

They joined host Artur Dyjecinski, for a chat and a couple of tunes.