New Artist: SiSSi

SiSSi is the recording name of  Sissi Neumayr a London based Austrian born singer songwriter formerly of Ladyfuzz. Whenever (Love Song) is her debut release proper and showcases her quite lovely voice with a promo directed by Annick Wolfers.

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Neon Indian – Step Into the World With Your PAL198X

Retro faux-advert for futuristic synth.  A-M-A-Z-E!

Written by Dr. Alan Palombro, PhD.
Directed by Dr. Alan Palombro, PhD and Johnny Woods.
Music written and performed by Alan Palombro, PhD / Neon Indian.
Editor: Johnny Woods.
Director of Photography: Stefan Fernandez


Memory Tapes – Yes I Know

Battles – Ice Cream (Featuring Matias Aguayo) Can a promo have too many ideas ? No. Battles have checked.

Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math A slow burner of a promo, but by the time you hit the chorus you’ll be hooked.