Fanzine – L.A.

Noisey have posted this lovely lo fi music vid for Stoke Newington based popsters Fanzine.
It features a mermaid walking round L.A. she’s bewildered by our human culture, and so buggers off back to the ocean. Ironically, had she been able to hear the soundtrack she might have given humanity more of a break.

you can get the single here

Dir. Jacob Perlmutter

David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time (NSFW)

Those of a nervous disposition will be relieved to note that the self – directed video for Lynch’s Crazy Clown Time contains absolutely no crazy clowns.
That’s where your comfort should end however, cos the rest of the clip is pretty messed up.
It is, perhaps surprisingly, a fairly literal video – so I guess on that level, and that level alone, you could accuse Lynch of being entirely uncreative. ┬áThere is nudity, self – immolation, primal screaming, spittle and running around. Standard.

We played the track here on Seeks back in November, and it took watching the film for it to make any kind of sense at all.

Hosted by Noisey

Chairlift in Interview

We caught Chairlift at SXSW and they rocked way harder than their name might suggest, you should totally catch them live if you get the chance.
Noisey set them up with Das Racist, whose interview technique is like some kind of benevolent thought weapon. Well, how would you describe it ?

The Shoes – Time to Dance

French electro-pop duo The Shoes have just released a cinematic new video on the Noisey YouTube channel.
Directed by Daniel Wolfe it features a psychopathic Jake Gyllenhaal going on a killing spree in East London.