S O H N – ‘The Wheel’

The good folk at Noisey have premièred the absorbing new retro video for S O H N‘s track The Wheel.

It explores the interplay between industry and nature in a found footage collage and compliments the woozy début track from the band.

By Devin Yuceil, Suze Olbrich & Nathaniel Rodriguez

You can buy the track here: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/the-wheel-single/id564248522

The limited 12″ is available for pre-order here: http://aesoplabel.com/store/s-o-h-n/the-wheel

Kitty Pryde & Riff Raff – Orion’s Belt

Kitty Pryde is apparently causing folk to question whether they’re getting too old for pop music. They shouldn’t worry though, she basically sounds like a lady Beck, and if a reference back to 1993 doesn’t sort them out, they should probably have D.N.R. inscribed on their headboard.
Incidentally, KP was born in the same year Loser came out. Now who feels old ?

Director : Jason Miller

Field Day 2012 – Review

So we went to Field Day 2012. Yeah, it’s notorious for bad weather and it’s in East London where people are strange but there was some great music on show and the line up was pound for pound as good as anything this summer.

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Toddla T Returns

A couple of Toddla T related tings have dropped in the last couple of days, so we thought we’d put them in one place for the lazy googlers amongst you.
First this interview with Raf Rundell of the 2 Bears from the ever reliable people at Topman CTRL.

and this, the video for new single Body Dub, hosted by the good folk at Noisey.
It’s a track from the forthcoming album Watch Me Dance: Agitated by Ross Orton & Pipes, set for release in August 2012. ” It sees two legends of the Sheffield underground music scene, rework Toddla T’s Watch Me Dance album from last year.
A true Steel City re-work of the original, it goes much further and has way more coherence than a series of unrelated remixes. ” is what they’re sayin’.

Directed by Georgina Hudson

Darq E Freaker feat. Danny Brown – Blueberry (Pills & Cocaine)

I dunno what you do with your Monday nights, but this new promo for Darq E Freaker could be like looking in a mirror for us at Seeks Towers. Same old, same old.
Except, our house is a bit fancier (well, the east wing anyway).
Wouldn’t have pancakes though. On a Monday ? are you mad ?

You can stream the whole Blueberry EP here, which includes remixes from Star Slinger, Sinden & 5kinandbone5, and Pelican Fly All Stars.  For real.

The video was produced by Pinboard Film, and the single is set to be released on Southern Hospitality.