LeeFest : Crowd funded Music Festival


This is brilliant. LeeFest is a small, non-profit, award winning music and arts festival that has turned to kickstarter for funding.
They’ve been going for a few years, and have reached a point where they really need to take things next level. Their current 2500 capacity, doesn’t allow for much financial stability, so they are attempting to raise £50000 to allow them to grow the festival in size to a capacity of 5000.
It would be so easy for them to sell out by getting some big brand or other on board, but this is a completely unique and exciting alternative, and we salute them.

They are currently 6 days and £10000 away from the deadline.
Watch the video to find out how you can get involved.

Desert Fest 2012

Modern Metal owes huge debt to the desert scene. Without it there’s no Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Nebula or of course Queens of the Stone Age. And now thanks to the boys at Desert Fest, Camden got to experience it’s very own Desert inspired Stoner Rock festival and wisely got it to coincide with Jesus getting us some days off to deal with our hangovers. Read more…

3rd wave of bands crash into The Great Escape 2012 line up…


The Temper Trap confirmed for Brighton Dome show. Seeks favourites We Are Augustines, Cloud Nothings, Riz MC, Theme Park and many more

The full program by day and venue is online at www.escapegreat.com today.

The full list of new artists announced today after the jump…

Read more…