64 Bar Music is back and all is right with the world.

We got an exciting email yesterday with the news that an great music project that started life in the ninjatune forum is set to return in March, and even better, they teased us with a track from Andy Digitonal :

Eighteen by 64barmusic

A simple concept – Musicians and DJs write music with two rules; a tempo & as you may have guessed, a bar count. The resultant pieces of music are then blended into something more than the sum of it’s parts. A mesmeric mix where no individual track outstays it’s welcome. It is fluid, fast moving and surprising. The lack of parameters leave the doors wide open for some unexpected interpretations. You never know what is round the corner.
At times it’s reminiscent of the masterpiece 70 minutes of madness, but what’s particularly enjoyable is the knowledge that the guys behind it are just in it for the kick of making something good.

Their previous effort: 

Seeks Beats : 64 Bar Challenge October 2010 by Seeks Music on Mixcloud