Long time Seeks contributor A. Dyjecinski comes out of the wilderness.

Artur disappeared off our radar for a while there. Turns out, he almost disappeared off the map. For a new solo project he went on a quest for solitude.
“I went on a journey to see how remote I could live, how much solitude I could find.”

He wasn’t entirely successful, after all, you’re never alone with your mind.  ”I soon began to realise… that even when physically alone, my thoughts were always in company. Despite physical solitude, the weight of everyone I have ever known still stands with me. ”

The Album “I’m The Woods” is released on Fandango.

Catch the launch gig tomorrow, JULY 30TH LONDON DALSTON Servant Jazz Quarters .

New Old Underworld

JimDoes just brought this to the attention of the blog. Undoubtably, more treasures await.

:>>new OLD underworld from the dubnobasswithmyheadman reissue..

Buxton drops sublime Bowie, Eno, Visconti Animation

There’s too much to love about this, and it’ll make up for the fact that Dr Buckles appears to be taking a break from BUG.

The lyric video is dead!

Long live the lyric video.
Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada this vfx heavy video uses a visual representation of each line without a single lyric on screen. Like if Gondry used After Effects instead of theatre techniques.
The song by Sub Pop‘s hip hop trio clipping is also ace. They described themselves as making party music for the club you wish you hadn’t gone to!

1000 Names join DRUT Recordings.

They might have been knocking about for a while, but Bulgaria’s 1000 Names have found a new home for their latest release at DRUT. This early teaser promises a lovely lump of home-made house.