A chance meeting with Joey’s manager in New York, led to London based creative studio M-I-E being given the opportunity to shoot this music video.
Turned out pretty sweet n’all.


COMPOSITING: Richard Payne, John L. Wilkinson
2D ANIMATION: Yukai Du, Richard Payne, John L. Wilkinson
3D ANIMATION: Kevin O’Shea

All We Are – I Wear You

Director Kate Moross employs a beautiful animation technique in this promo for All We Are. The single I Wear You is the first single from the liverpudlian band’s eponymously titled album.

The lyric video is dead!

Long live the lyric video.
Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada this vfx heavy video uses a visual representation of each line without a single lyric on screen. Like if Gondry used After Effects instead of theatre techniques.
The song by Sub Pop‘s hip hop trio clipping is also ace. They described themselves as making party music for the club you wish you hadn’t gone to!

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – My Club

Director Ryan Staake gives the infinite zoom treatment to The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s Jacqueline Taieb sampling dancefloor tickler My Club, and if you’re infinite zooming or sampling this monster, you can’t go far wrong in our book.

School – SoLong

Gothenburg’s School sound like they’ve scored Liz Fraser on vocals, and Hooky on bass for this new single, SoLong. It’s a splendid slice of dream pop, and it can be yours from tomorrow, when it is due a UK release.
Presumably the record will be longer than the miserly, yet tantalising 2’47” clip shown here.