New Mix from Seeks Contributor Ade

SeeksMusic stalwart, Ade has turned in another of his occasional mixes. This time, he’s turned his eclectic ear to the darkening skies. As the nights draw in, listen to this dark and broody Winter House mix, and if that’s not a genre – it should be.

The Anti Climax by Ade_Seeks on Mixcloud

Ade Seeks drops some festival friendly mixes.

Seeks Music’s very own Ade┬áhas had a busy summer. First off celebrating a not-insignificant birthday by putting on a a micro festival in a run down country house for some pals, and most recently by bringing a touch of class to a field in Chelmsford.
He kicked off the day with his infamous gong bath. A sonic, antidote to the night before.

We present it here, in two parts.

The Gong Bath 2013 part 1 by Ade_Seeks on Mixcloud

The Gong Bath 2013 part 2 by Ade_Seeks on Mixcloud

And here’s the festival closing definitive good time party mix, to end all good time party mixes in all it’s 3 hours and 17 minutes.

V festival Louder Lounge Closing party – The final Technicolour climax by Ade_Seeks on Mixcloud

NYE 2012/13 Party Mixes

We’ve put together our collection of party mixes for you right here. As you’d expect, this isn’t quite what you’d expect. There’s a couple of sure fire party starters, then some crowd-pleasing specialist sets covering Tech / Bass House, some funky and soulful Brazilian dancefloor fun, and a rock mix, because the world needs a rock mix.
Enjoy, and don’t blame us for the morning after the night before. Read more…