Desert Fest 2012

Modern Metal owes huge debt to the desert scene. Without it there’s no Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Nebula or of course Queens of the Stone Age. And now thanks to the boys at Desert Fest, Camden got to experience it’s very own Desert inspired Stoner Rock festival and wisely got it to coincide with Jesus getting us some days off to deal with our hangovers. Read more…

New Artist: SiSSi

SiSSi is the recording name of  Sissi Neumayr a London based Austrian born singer songwriter formerly of Ladyfuzz. Whenever (Love Song) is her debut release proper and showcases her quite lovely voice with a promo directed by Annick Wolfers.

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3rd wave of bands crash into The Great Escape 2012 line up…


The Temper Trap confirmed for Brighton Dome show. Seeks favourites We Are Augustines, Cloud Nothings, Riz MC, Theme Park and many more

The full program by day and venue is online at today.

The full list of new artists announced today after the jump…

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Steve Smyth explodes the Slaughtered Lamb

there are two Steve Smyth’s on the internet, one a folk musician with a voice that crosses seamlessly between a wailing Tom Waits and Jeff Buckley with a beard that flows like the salmon of capistrano, and the other is a metal guitarist for a band named Forbidden. Last night I saw the former play and rule the slaughtered lamb in London and felt a wave of luck come over me as I don’t expect he’ll be playing for crowds of 40-50 much longer. Accompanied by a drummer and joined on stage by various friends the balance between stage energy, space, and writing hit perfection during an accapella cover of Ledbelly’s ‘bring a little water, sylvie‘ that sealed the deal for me.

Listen to a song below and go see him play (even if it’s at greenman and or secret garden party) and for goodness sake! Go buy his f-ing record!!!!

Listen to Sharon Van Ettens entire new album called ‘Tramps’

While it seems the the general music listening population has become fixated with someone called Lame-o Del Ray, Sharon Van Etton is about to release what will be the best record by a female artist this year!  The album is out on Feb 7th.  Bummer right?  you want to hear all of it now?  ok… stream below!  I just had my first listen and it’s awesome!