Seeks Beats : Chris Bassett Voices Mix, December 2017

Considering your average underground dance music aficionado is more likely to stick forks in their ears than subject them to ‘vocal house music’, this might seem a strange theme for Chris Bassett to pursue. He assures us however, this isn’t a mix of wall to wall funky vocal house ‘bangers’, but instead he feels the vocal elements in each of his selections add a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to transform a track into something altogether more interesting and alluring to the ears.

Stick your headphones on and take in these ‘voices’ from the hypnotic to the dark and moody to the uplifting to the downright strange, with tracks from Howling, Stimming, Hyenah and Tim Green.

The Antiswarm, October 2017

Like an explosion of lime and mint in your ear. Like sleeping on a cloud. Like getting lost in a world that doesn’t exist.

Third Light Home, October 2017

Third Light Home returns from a road trip down the west coast of America. The first in a new series featuring music from the great independent record labels of the world today!  From Tuareg guitar, gritty blues, avant-garde hillbilly and ambient soundscapes to dubby b-sides, Japanese folk and the master, Lee Hazlewood.
Read the full sleevenotes that accompany this show on the Third Light Home Blog

The Antiswarm, May 2017

There’s no earthly way of knowing
Which direction they are going!
There’s no knowing where they’re rowing,
Or which way they river’s flowing!
Not a speck of light is showing,
So the danger must be growing,
For the rowers keep on rowing,
And they’re certainly not showing
Any signs that they are slowing…

Seek Beats : Chris Bassett – April 2017

Chris’s inspiration for this mix came from him chancing upon a video stream of the Woomoon closing party in Ibiza last year  - an amazing spectacle with all kinds of weird and wonderful performance art mixed in with a deeper, dreamier, more traditionally Balearic musical sound than the typical tech house you would find in the majority of the super clubs.
Woomoon was one of the big successes of Ibiza last season, with many proclaiming it the ‘true Ibiza sound’.

This kind of deep and dreamy sound has been pushed by Robot Heart at Burning Man  and Lee Burridge at his ‘All Day I Dream’ parties for a while now and it’s fast becoming a ‘scene’ with Woomoon residents Bedouin scoring an Essential Mix in 2016.

So sit back and relax to Chris’s latest Seeks Beats offering with his take on the Woomoon experience, with tracks from Bedouin, Nu, Oceanvus Orientalis and Bonar Bradberry… enjoy (remember to spread the word if you do).