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Great Xmas show from Morton Valence in Clerkenwell last night. More of you should have been there. They weren’t anywhere near as miserable as they promised to be!


Saw Yuck at the Electric Ballroom. Massively underwhelmed. Great record but it should be a legal requirement that The Youth play faster, hit drums harder and have a more dynamic sonic impact. J. Mascis may have needed a teenage riot to get out of bed, but even in middle age and wearing a shell suit exudes more energy. Remove the Yuck kids’ fuzz pedals and they may be the new Coldplay. Support band Fanzine had more verve but I kept wishing they’d throw in a Teenage Fanclub or Swervedriver number.

Maybe this will make me feel better. I think I was there.

The End Festival

Great night in Crouch End yesterday. Saw The Fierce & The Dead play in an ice cream parlour, RM Hubbert in a small cafe and Morton Valence in The King’s Head. Very splendid.


Saw Kid Koala’s The Space Cadet Headphone Concert last night and it was great even if I didn’t win the raffle.

Some old koala.

Two bands I didn’t see on Saturday night

but I meant to.

Morton Valence

and The Fierce & The Dead

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