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Al and Al March 2012

Gawd Bless America! In this month’s edition of the Al&Al we celebrate the land of the free and the home of the brave. It’s kind of a SXSW special. Al 2 would say it’s a fantastic, daring, eclectic collection of new music from Austin and beyond. Al 1 would say it’s a cacophony of some echoey lady warbling with a few kind of alright tracks thrown in. But who should you believe? Please give us a listen and join the debate / argument before we come to blows. A fight which I would win! Al 1

***PLEASE NOTE*** this show contains extreme quality control issues, arising from the poor technical competence of your hosts. This is why you should stay in school kids.

Al and Al Christmas Special 2011

Hi there!

Al 1 here.

So here’s a show. It’s pretty good, if a bit disjointed because we had to cut out quite a lot stuff about Al 2 being a peado. (FYI I’m 70% sure he isn’t)

It features music from people like ‘Lemaitre’, ‘Grimes’, ‘Girls’ and other people I haven’t heard of either.

We hope you like it, but ultimately, not that bothered if you don’t, so don’t feel any pressure to pretend to or anything.

We hope 2012 really, you know, happens for you.

Al and Al “Summer” 2011

Hmmm, what to do with those kids that sit next to each other at the back of the radio station and spend more time annoying each other that getting on with their work…

I was going to refuse to accept this, their “Summer Show”, but it’s been pointed out to me that daylight saving wise, it’s still technically British Summer Time.
They’ve got me there. My hands are tied.