This is Seeks Music

When the BBC said they were going to close down 6 Music, we decided that if they weren’t prepared to run a station that cared more about music than listening figures, then we’d do it ourselves. Thank goodness they finally saw sense. In the mean time however, the more we talked about it, the more we felt that we had something to contribute to the crazy messed up world of music on the internet.

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Seeks Music is a homemade independent eclectic freeform internet radio station made by music creators, bloggers, promoters, and obsessives. Brought together by a desire to make a new type of radio for people that love music.

Seeks Music is a child of the web. It owes more to, spotify, and the blogs than it does traditional radio stations.
The way we see it, Most people don’t really buy whole albums any more, they cherry-pick tracks. Genre is an irrelevance. Mix Tape culture has come of age.
So we thought that if access to music isn’t the problem perhaps what people want now is a filter. A trusted editor to give them less choice, but a better selection.

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We’re keen to build relationships and develop projects with like minded souls, If you’ve got an idea we might be interested in, we’d love to hear it.

Prospective DJs should check out : The Guest List and Seeks Beats.

We must thank the following people, without whom we simply wouldn’t exist:

Double G Studios designed our logo.

Asketic humoured us, and patiently and creatively built our site.

64 Bar Music gave us some of their music to use as beds during the shows.

And Dandelion Radio who inspired us and very generously shared their internet radio knowledge. They keep it peel.

Press :
“Third Light Home : Perfect for the wee small hours or the zoned out Sunday sofa session – highly recommended”
Caught By The River
“There’s a bit of unnecessary swearing…I like it.”
Miranda Sawyer, The Observer Radio Review
“Tune in and you’ll fall in love”
Words About Music
“(a) fine new proponent of the internet radio revolution”
Mixcloud Blog
“Planetaria: both discerning and deep”
Ancient To Future
“I actually think their output is superior to that of 6Music”
Louder Than War

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