NYE 2012/13 Party Mixes

We’ve put together our collection of party mixes for you right here. As you’d expect, this isn’t quite what you’d expect. There’s a couple of sure fire party starters, then some crowd-pleasing specialist sets covering Tech / Bass House, some funky and soulful Brazilian dancefloor fun, and a rock mix, because the world needs a rock mix.
Enjoy, and don’t blame us for the morning after the night before.

Let’s Get This Party Started Right

A welcome return for Ade’s mashup extravaganza. A good time party mix, starting funky, ending dancey.

NYE mix 2012/13 : Ade – The Technicolour Climax II by Seeks Music on Mixcloud

Studio tinkerer Arge has also been on the mash, squeal with delight as this creative and unexpected mix gets you in the mood.

NYE mix 2012/13 : Arge and The Brain – Party Mix Part 1 by Seeks Music on Mixcloud

Then stick around for

The Main Event

The second installment of Arge’s New Year Party mix takes you kicking and screaming into the early hours of 2013 with more classic dance and hip hop mixed up with a little rock and even some Russian Ska Punk.

NYE mix 2012/13 : Arge and The Brain – Party Mix Part 2 by Seeks Music on Mixcloud

Low End Theory, Seeks Music’s bass show delivers this heavyweight 4/4 fuelled, bass injected, dancefloor damaging, party set for the wrong end of the night. If we told you what the tunes were, you wouldn’t remember tomorrow.

NYE mix 2012/13 : Low End Theory by Seeks Music on Mixcloud

KB brings you an end of year special to pull you into 2013. Engage your mind, body and soul to be teleported to the soulful sounds of Brazil.

NYE mix 2012/13 : KB’s Planetaria – Brazilian Mix by Seeks Music on Mixcloud

Finally, The Antiswarm has performed a public service and made a New Years Eve mix to end all mixes. If you don’t default to house/electronic as your go-to party music this is for you. Careening from Elvis to Foo Fighters to the Beatles to LCD Soundsystem this is a musical pinball machine designed to make drunk people happy. Enjoy.

NYE mix 2012/13 : The Antiswarm by Seeks Music on Mixcloud