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The Antiswarm, April 2015

So over the dark Winter months the Antiswarm has been hibernating, surviving only on a diet of the finest music docos and a nutribullet full of cough mixture and vampire blood. Refreshed, it’s back to spread it’s leathery wings over spring and walk you through the deepest darkest space jams (and jellies) known to man. Also there are sportsmen doing drugs who are both big and clever!

Sack of Soul, March 2015

It’s been a long time coming folks but the wait is over. Ian has been thinking of ways to improve the Sack Of Soul show, undertaking months of intensive research to find out the best way to enhance the listening experience. After months of deliberation here it is, and it is shorter than ever! That’s right, the Sack Of Soul show is now less long, meaning that you don’t have to cancel that weekend away in order to listen to it. It’s the future.

Charlotte Livingstone, March 2015

Charlotte’s back with a new mixtape with her usual jumble of sounds. This time it includes Ibeyi, Souls Of Mischief, Talking Heads, Barrington Levy and loads more. Get stuck in!

Low End Theory, March 2015

You can’t have too much of a good thing, which was definitely my approach for not doing a show for so long (that is definitely a lie). However I’m really pleased to broadcast a brand new Low End Theory for your listening pleasure. You know the drill by now, lock in next to some speakers and let the beats and bass carry you away for an hour.

JimDoes, March 2015

This month JimDoes a Cover Versions Special. True to the Seeks ethos of new music and music that’s new to you, Jim has a dig about for some hard to find, yet utterly compelling covers.
Featuring unlikely takes on music by The Beatles, Underworld, Pulp and yes, Ray Parker Junior from the likes of Nick Cave, The Wedding Present, and Laura Cantrell

Jamie, March 2015

With this being my first mix and there being no such thing as a second first impression I’m hoping people enjoy this assortment of tracks that are from both sides of the pond with other origins in between. Hip hop giants J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar sit alongside UK grime veterans Wiley and Sir Spyro while tracks from Tirzah, Ibeyi and Raury provide lighter songs to hum and sing along to (if that’s your thing).

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