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The Antiswarm, December 2016

So at the end of a truly shitty turn around the sun we are all still blessed with beautiful, hopeful, inspiring music, and here is some. 12 months of amazing, trippy tracks fused into a blistering kernel as the Antiswarm propels you into 2017. Keep on truckin’ space cadets!
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Antiswarm’s Top 10s of 2016

So here’s the Antiswarm’s take on 2016′s futuristic electronic and more psychedelic moments. When I look back, despite what’s hapened elseware, it’s been a great year musically so the tracks were easy to do (I had loads left over), the albums a little harder. Clear winners in both departments were Badbadnotgood who’s fourth effort is by far their best. In line with that, things have got significantly jazzier (see also the superb A Tribe Called Quest album) in my headphones this year which is also great.  More traditionally for the Antiswarm there’s lots of spacey techno and modern psych in here as well. So have a listen, drift off and enjoy!

Top 10 Albums

Badbadnotgood – IV
Thee Oh Sees – A weird Exits
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Third Light Home, December 2016

Third Light Home’s new show reclaims American music from the land of Trump. Jazz, hip-hop- inflected jazz, ambient, hip-hop, plenty of acoustic guitar and choice cuts from Cosmic American Music. Features Jeff Parker, Makaya McCraven, Myriam Gendron sings Dorothy Parker and plenty more wonderful American tunes.

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Antiswarm, Halloween mix 2016

At Antiswarm Towers Halloween is a no-brainer. Easily the best holiday – vampires, dry ice, werewolves, and of course spooky tunes. Here is a mix curated from years of nursing my Halloween playlist towards perfection. A whirlwind tour of evil Bar Mitzvahs, ritual killings and of course a few basements! Enjoy

Third Light Home, August 2016

In response to the EU referendum, Third Light Home relocates to mainland Europe and takes in soothing recordings of the sea off the Iberian peninsula, free jazz from 1960s Paris, melancholy strings from Berlin, muted trumpet from Stockholm and Paris, and Asturian bagpipe tunes from 1930. Read the full show notes here:

Seeks Beats : Chris Bassett August 2016

It’s been a while and this show marks a bit of a departure from Chris’ usual deep/tech house style with a mix that has a fairly distinct ‘indie’ sound… Since the dawn of house music back in the mid to late 80s the ‘indie’ and ‘dance’ scenes have often been uneasy bedfellows, with the indie tribe not really getting cheap, high energy, electronic music and the ‘cult of the DJ’ and the house tribe not going for the melancholy, shoe-gazing indie sound.

That being said, even back in the day, there were acts such as New Order and Depeche Mode claimed by both sides and as house music evolved into various sub genres through the 90s we saw the rise of festival friendly ‘cross-over’ acts such as Underworld, The Prodigy, Orbital and Chemical Brothers that were embraced by both sides of the musical divide and an emerging ‘indie dance’ genre.

Today we have indie and guitar bands using 303 acid bass lines in their tracks and likewise dance tunes have guitar-based bass lines and chords driving both their tempo and melodies. Genres, sub-genres and sub-sub genres are constantly shifting and evolving and you might find a dance record with strong ‘indie’ sensibilities in the cosmic disco, deep house or even techno sections of a record store.

Chris’ mix this month is his take on the current ‘indie dance’ sound as he sees it – as it’s mixed, it’s more ‘dance’ than ‘indie’, but you will hear a definite indie slant with contributions from Red Axes, FK Club, Vox Low and Lauer. Enjoy something a bit different… and if you do share it with others

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