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It’s a Cinematronica Christmas

Arge is back with a full on festive feast of a Cinematronica show. Featuring the tunes of Christmas past, present and future. (If that’s even possible).

We launch into a lively part one with Goldfrapp, Saint Etienne, Sufjan Stevens, Summer Camp and Eels.

Then in part two things take on a magical feel as Danny Elfman, John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Cat Power, Vince Guaraldi Trio, Low and Kate Bush all help to provide a score to Dylan Thomas’s “A Child’s Christmas in Wales”.

Then the final part of this epic festive selection has a more classic Christmas feel with Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, Phil Spector and of course, Bing Crosby.

If you’re not stuffed full of Christmas cheer after this lot then call me Ebenezer (Scrooge that is, not Goode).

JimDoes, November 2014

Now that November is here, it’s getting colder and those dark nights are upon us what better way to keep warm than with JimDoes’ usual eclectic mix?
Featuring bands you’ve heard of – Underworld, East India Youth and Manic Street Preachers, – and those you probably haven’t – Pierre Kwenders, Deux Furieuses and Benjamin Booker. Plus a hint of Radio Two, before finishing with a tribute to the late, great John Peel with a load of swearing. JimDoes – Not suitable for work and barely suitable for the radio.

Cinematronica, November 2014

In November’s Cinematronica Arge brings you an eclectic mix of electronica, jazz, hip hop and ambient, mixed with some spoken word. All with his usually Cinematic touch.
This months soundtrack includes brand new music from Fold, Ibeyi, Ez3kiel, Memotone & Soosh, Skalpel and much more.

Sack of Soul, November 2014

The nights are drawing in and it’s colder than a witch’s *censored* out there, but fear not! The Sack Of Soul show is here to bring a little sunshine into your life. Let Little Beaver, The Propositions, Steve Arrington, Funkadelic and a bunch of other luminaries of THE FUNK cheer you up, then Love Unlimited, Mayer Hawthorne and James Last can chill you right out.
It’s good for you, and that’s scientifically proven.

The Antiswarm, November 2014

As Groucho Marx once said “I’m not crazy about reality, but it’s still the only place to get a decent meal”. And so, with a reluctant pinky toe in reality and the rest set squarely in space, this edition of the Antiswarm brings you a quest for a fabled guitar, elderly milky eyed relatives enjoying repetitive tunes and some music the Antiswarm’s wife hates. All this and more wrapped up in a convenient one hour bundle. Share and enjoy!

Charles Bradley Features heavily, along with Aphex Twin, Matt Berry, and Goat.

Seeks Beats : Chris Bassett, October 2014

Seeks Beats is our dance music outlet. It won’t be for everyone, but in this occasional series, you’ll here the best in dancefloor centric grooves. Having developed a love of house music in the underground clubs and illegal raves of Brighton in the early 90s, Chris Bassett progressed to DJing whilst sharing a house in South London with two of the DJs on this station’s roster. These days his vinyl gathers dust, but he has rekindled his passion for dance music, by embracing the digital dj era and all that has to offer. His music style in today’s parlance is very firmly ‘underground house’, think ‘deep’, think ‘tech’ and pretty much anything that comes out of Berlin, with the odd musical curveball thrown in for good measure.
This month we take a quick introductory tour to Chris’ underground sound with tunes from Joe Goddard, Ian Pooley, Erol Alkan and plenty of Berlin based head nodders in between…

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