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Sack Of Soul, August 2014

It’s still summer and therefore you still need some FUNK to accompany the weather. Luckily for you there’s a new Sack Of Soul Show in town. First you get a one two punch from Chuck Brown and The Junkyard Band, then a bunch of fives from AM/FM, followed by a chinese burn from…ah that’s enough of that nonsense. Just listen, nod your head, and enjoy the selection.

The Antiswarm, August 2014

Since we last spoke the Antiswarm has been exploring artificial reefs in the South of France, DJed on the most exclusive roof terrace in London and had 10 facts about camels read out to him by the bloke that invented QI. Just an average 4 months then. Also banging tunes and remember to smell the Psychosphere!

Ade, August 2014

This one has been brewing for some time. Ade’s last show for us was back in July 2012. This show continues where he left off with a chat with David Mancuso. Sticky swap rock, eclectic edits, wibbly wobbly acid and balearic bundles of joy. All aboard the gong bath. They don’t come that often, but they’re not to be missed. Featuring Dr John, The Beatles, Faze Action, Jamie XX, Damian Jurado

Rudyard, August 2014

We just got this from our Californian correspondent. Exquisite downtempo electronica soundscapes, best consumed in the we small hours.
In Rudyard’s own words… “Happy listening, or not as the case may be as there’s not much happy music on there ;-)
Music from Breton, Fink, The Roots, Nightmares on Wax and plenty more besides.

Nick Armstrong, July 2014

Nick is back with your yearly half time report on new music.
Debut appearances from the beautiful vocals of Lapsley and the summery shoegaze of Gengahr.
A round up of the best new acts from this summer’s festivals.
Big hooks from Honeyblood and ethereal RnB from FKA Twigs
The new ones from Dry The River, Bon Iver & The Shins.

Rich Martin Manifesto, June 2014

It’s been a busy summer so far. The Great Escape was it’s blustery start, blowing in refreshing performances to Brighton’s sprawling festival of new music. A couple of trips to the One Hundred Club. Earl’s Court beckoned hopefully for the last time (it’s due for destruction), and there’s still the delightful Leefest, our local festival of choice, and Green Man to come. You’ll here the fruit’s of this labour here with new music from Lizzo, FTSE, Happyness. New old music from Neil Young, and old old music from Iggy Pop, and The Waterboys

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