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Sack of Soul, April 2014

The Sack Of Soul show. In our ever changing world, it’s comforting that there are some things you can always rely on. Things like Funk, Soul, Easy Listening, Jazz and Disco, hand picked by Ian and glued together with extremely poorly delivered links. It’s a winning formula. This month includes nuggets from Minnie Ripperton, Archie Whitewater, Pleasure, Dorothy Ashby, Olympic Runners and Donna McGhee to name but a few – enjoy!

The Antiswarm, March 2014

This months Antiswarm is brought to you in a post Oscars storm of indignation that the Swarm’s favourite film didn’t pick up anything. The whole show is loosely based around The Wolf on Wall Streets ethics of live fast and die young all to a mind bending soundtrack. Also learn what the cats who live with the Antsiwarm like to exercise to and how Andy Weatherall’s beard is getting on. Special thanks to Cranium Pie’s Rob Appleton for supplying lots of exclusive material from his eagle’s nest in Austria. Enjoy

JimDoes, March 2014

March sees JimDoes on the 45 – celebrating his birthday by delving into his record box and doing a show based only around his 7″ singles collection. Don’t call it a nostalgia trip – even though every record is at least 25 years old, they all sound contemporary (in Jim’s head anyway). Featuring the usual all-over-the-place indie mix from the likes of THE SMITHS, THE CLASH, BLONDIE, THE PRIMITIVES and THE UNDERTONES, it’s one show that you can guarantee you’ve heard all the records before but it will still put a smile on your face.

Charlotte Livingstone, March 2014

Charlotte Livingstone makes the best mixtapes in the world. This is one. It’s got some really good music on it that you’ll definitely like. We’re talking; The Mills Brothers, Warren G, Young Fathers and a bit of Darondo . That sort of thing.

Third Light Home, March 2014

Ska, ghostly piano, more ghostly piano from the ‘Godfather of Ambient’, Laurel Canyon via Washington DC in 1970, sound recordings from the M3 motorway, and even drum and bass from mid-’90s Britain. Hoping for clearer skies soon, here’s Third Light Home’s dog days of winter broadcast . . .
Read the full sleeve notes here

Jim Does, March 2014

JimDoes has been IWOL (indie without leave) for the past couple of months but he’s back with a magnifique new show. It features French bands (THE LIMINANAS) and bands that sound like they should be French (PETIT NOIR) as well as the usual all over the place mix of styles. Featuring the likes of WILD BEASTS, EAST INDIA YOUTH, SATELLITES and PARQUET COURTS, Jim’s been saving them all up for a rainy day – and we’ve had plenty of those.

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