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The Antiswarm


The Antiswarm, October 2015

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.”Albert Einstein

Nick Armstrong, October 2015

The winter nights are drawing in and the music is getting suitably melancholic.
New tunes from Lapsley, Majical Cloudz and Low.
A preview of acts playing at Pitchfork Paris.

Seeks Beats : Chris Bassett, September 2015

Chris’s latest show tries to get across in an hour and a bit an abbreviated version of the kind of set you might hear in a late night underground club after the headline DJ has played their last tune, the dance floor thins out somewhat and the die hards remain, determined to party until the bitter end and a bleary eyed early morning daylight exit. Starting with some deep tech house vibes from the likes of Francesca Lombardo, moving onto a woozy and somewhat left field middle eight featuring oddities from Agoria and Pezzner amongst others and we close out with an anything goes attitude with tunes from the likes of Todd Terje and Jamie Jones… as always enjoy and spread the word if you like it…

Long time Seeks contributor A. Dyjecinski comes out of the wilderness.

Artur disappeared off our radar for a while there. Turns out, he almost disappeared off the map. For a new solo project he went on a quest for solitude.
“I went on a journey to see how remote I could live, how much solitude I could find.”

He wasn’t entirely successful, after all, you’re never alone with your mind.  ”I soon began to realise… that even when physically alone, my thoughts were always in company. Despite physical solitude, the weight of everyone I have ever known still stands with me. ”

The Album “I’m The Woods” is released on Fandango.

Catch the launch gig tomorrow, JULY 30TH LONDON DALSTON Servant Jazz Quarters .

Jamie, July 2015

I feel like this selection of tracks has the ideal ratio of songs that make
you want to screw your face up (in a positive way) with songs that make you
look (and probably feel less) aggressive and have you wishing you were high
on a beach somewhere. Hell, if you’re high, Margate will do. Included are
current heavy rotation anthems from Jamie xx, Fetty Wap & Jme. Also amongst
July’s show are tracks from Richard Marks and Ta-ku which are probably more
easy on the ears…for some.

Rudyard, July 2015

Intense downtempo electronica from California dwelling Grimsby lad Rudyard. Music for late nights whatever your time zone.

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